Dns updating

11-Jan-2020 02:43

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Recall from earlier that a refresh is a dynamic update where we are not changing the host/IP of a resource record, just touching the timestamp.

If a client changes the IP of a host record this is considered an “update” and is exempt from the No-refresh interval.

When you first set scavenging on a zone the timestamp seen at the bottom (reload zone if you don’t see it) will be set to the current time of day rounded down to the nearest hour plus the Refresh interval.

This also gets reset any time the zone is loaded or any time dynamic updates get enabled on the zone.

But everytime and regardless how often I clear whatever cache it always show the old 5. I tried to ping the domain with my laptop and it works.

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Static records have a timestamp of 0 indicating do not scavenge.Ideally you set this to a low value - say 60 seconds, several hours (a length of time greater than the current ttl value) before making a change, then put the TTL back to a higher value (to avoid unnecessary taxing of the DNS system) after the change.

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