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10-Jul-2020 04:39

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The same problem can be detected in widgets that display clock, graphs, weather, and other content that gets updated frequently.

The only way to defrost a widget is to reboot a phone or restart a launcher.

I have noticed now that the GPU temp jumps around more wildly when I'm actively interacting with the touch screen like tapping or swiping/scrolling.

I'm not very familiar with the technical stuff but I know ive read before that supposedly the T-Mobile variant has the touch-boost feature activated in the stock kernel which is what I'm using right meow.

Could it be possible that in the screen that shows CPU/GPU/BATTERY temps that CPU and GPU are inverted?

When I stress test for 15 minutes in Antutu I see the GPU temp going to *80C but the CPU temp is not moving that much.

To make user experience better, we developed a widget that's basically, a countdown timer which displays days, minutes, seconds, or any other time unit that a user chooses.

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I tried turning off the Force GPU rendering for 2D under the developer settings to see if it made a difference and so far it hasnt.Originally Posted by KUSOsan I tried out a half a dozen temperature monitor apps and the 1st temp that bored signs labels as CPU appears to be accurate as that was roughly the same temp reported by all the other apps I tried.It'll be 36 one second and the next it says 89 and then back down to 50. The CPU seems to be accurate according to other apps I've tried.The graphics are stuck in one state and will not change. It turns out that the widget freezing bug is not only detected when a launcher fails, but also when time on a device is changed by a user.

So if you use the stock Power Control Toggle widget (the one with wifi, bluetooth, brightness control, etc.) and try to toggle some functions, you'll notice that the drawables will not update App Widget Instance Locked(App Widget Id id, Remote Views views, boolean is Partial Update) { // allow for stale app Widget Ids and other badness // lookup also checks that the calling process can access the app Widget Id // drop unbound app Widget Ids (shouldn't be possible under normal circumstances) if (id ! It's enough to go a day back in time, and a widget won't update.

I'm pretty sure the test is making the CPU work, not the GPU. Even when I test with Geekbench (CPU test), I see the GPU temp go up instead of CPU.

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