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23-Jun-2020 11:28

There are just some big cultural differences which might be either very good or very bad. The less Chinese men marriaging there kind means easy picking for me. #ULL #UL18 #Chruchpoint337 #Ragin Cajun Ulf, I can feel with you, and there are other demographic and social problems as well arising in the new USSR v2.0 we are currently experiencing in the Western world coming to fruition where people are becoming increasingly brainwashed by Cultural Marxism, and where men and women are driven apart through very clever and insidious social engineering.Here in lethbridge those women would be married immediately as they are very attractive. It's not without a reason we are seeing the chaotic EU-crisis and situation in the world, it's a big agenda that has been ongoing for a very very long time since before WWI, and unfortunately many of us will fall victim in one way or another affecting us in some way during this global "great leap" struggle.However, it is less known that all Eastern European women are the most beautiful Serbian women. A lot of Serbian men married Chinese women who worked in Serbia, and today there are more and more Chinese bosses who marry Serb women working for them.

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They have beautiful faces and unusual body structure, breasts, raised butts and long legs. Many Chinese bosses have Serbian women mistresses, and later marry them. Raspberry blond, blue-green eyes, milky white, high.They think money will make them more like Europeans(Northern Russians, Westerners, Eastern Europeans, Southern Europeans etc.) but see that isn't working.