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You should take a silver weapon, ideally a Rod of Ivandis, to deal with potential Juvinates, and may wish to take food for the adventurer.

If you don't want to engage any monsters in combat, the Mercenary Adventurer can foresee events, so simply click "continue" on the path (and not "quick-continue") to see what encounter a path will feature. Simply escort him down to Burgh de Rott; if you have to escape an event at any point, you will have to start over.

Dual-wielding a melee weapon and a ranged or magic weapon and using Legacy Mode is an effective (and simple) way to circumvent the guards' prayer swapping.

When a guard is defeated, he will fall to his knee and stop fighting.

Mercenaries make their way into the rotten swamps of Morytania from Paterdomus to the front-lines at Burgh de Rott.

The Vyrewatch continue to draw blood tithes from the pitiful citizens of Meiyerditch, the great ghetto-city of the Sanguinesti region, its weakened citizens growing fewer in number every day.

A rumour drifts through the hard-bitten mercenaries assembled near Paterdomus: something suspicious is happening in the main temple, something odd even for the border of Morytania and Misthalin...

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They mention how they plan to do something about the Edicts of Guthix, when you are suddenly spotted.He asks you to search both the burial chamber and the outside of the temple. There is a new stairway on the northern wall of the antechamber. Search a broken wall storage unit just east from the stairs.

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