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12-May-2020 01:52

It only aired later in the evening, after most children are assumed to be in bed.South Park has continually pushed the limits of television decency.After his movie is a notable exception, though it definitely stretches the terms “commercial” and “success.” Most successful modern adult animation is on television now. America’s longest running animated TV show, The Simpsons.The show has evolved over the past 20 odd years, and it’s more family friendly than adult animation, but it definitely explores some themes that are above the average 12 year old’s head.The first was a Nickelodeon cartoon, that while meant to be a kid’s show, Nickelodeon had to censor several episodes for sexual innuendo or violence.Another cartoon that was geared for the adult, or at least the teenager or young adult, was Beavis and Butt-head.Yes, his name is Bimbo, and yes, Betty was dating a dog.

Oh, and Seth Mac Farlane might get a mention or two.

Apparently the puzzle was how to get drunk during Prohibition, because Pennsylvania was trying to censor references to bootlegging.

Also, the bootlegging was being done by Bootlegging Pete, apparently the first appearance of Mickey’s (eventual) eternal nemesis, who has taken on many roles and incarnations over the decades.

After his release of to critical and commercial success, Bashki became the first animator since Walt Disney to have back to back film successes.

However, Bashki’s determination to stretch the envelope ended up biting him in the ass.After the Hays Code took effect, there weren’t a lot of cartoons aimed at adults.