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According to Bass, the presence of a ventral arc is the most diagnostic of the female pubic features.The greater sciatic notch is an often-used preliminary tool for sex determination, though not the most accurate.Morphology of the pelvis is thus an especially diagnostic tool for sex determination, since female pelvic geometry permits a greater outlet for passage of the neonate head and shoulders during birth.In particular, features of the innominate such as shape of the pubic bone, elevation of the auricular surface, size/shape of the sciatic notch, size/shape of the acetabulum, presence of a preauricular sulcus, and curvature and width of sacrum, were useful in this study.Although there is a clear range of overlap between the sexes for many measures, the trend for Homo sapiens is a pattern of greater robusticity in males compared to females.Beginning with the cranium, robusticity of the browridge, mastoid process, nuchal crest, temporal lines, and mandible were employed.Also, the number of broken long bones further complicated analysis by making it difficult to analyze several measures (such as femoral head diameter and bicondylar breadth) in the same bone.For each of the metric methods employed, it should be noted that the number of indeterminate specimens which preserved the requisite characteristics were quite high.

Standard osteological aspects of the cranium, appendicular skeleton, and pelvis were employed in the determination of adult sex.

Hence, the non-metric characteristics of the cranium were more heavily weighted for this phase of the analysis.

The results for each feature, analyzed independently for the disarticulated remains, showed considerable consistency as seen in Table 2.

Of those with a complete acetabulum, 98% appeared male.

Elevation of the auricular surface (a landmark previously mentioned for age determination) is another dimorphic feature of the innominate, and one of the few that can be reliably used even on subadults (over age 10).Females present a completely raised face at this sacroilliac articulation.