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29-Jan-2020 05:49

Well, for the past month and a half, Amanda now stays until 5 pm and just leaves with me.

It’s always assumed that I will give her a ride, since she lives so close.

That being said, the new job still has it all over any possible promotion my current boss would be able to offer me. What do I say to my lovely mentor-boss to let her know that I appreciate all she’s done for me?

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Our workplace is experiencing a lot of change (new leadership, layoffs) and she has asked me several times for assurance that I am not looking to leave.She never has an excuse (along with everyone else I work with) as to why she is late.It’s either “slept in” or “was late leaving the house,” which is not a valid excuse.I was able to get my foot in the door thanks to “Amanda.” I love my job and love my coworkers.

Before I started, Amanda always took the bus home, or got a ride with Suzanne.

The thing is, I have to pick up my two children from daycare by a certain time.