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Farmers Insurance Group was founded as Farmers Automobile Inter-Insurance Exchange in 1928 by Thomas Leavey and John Tyler.The first office was in Los Angeles, California where the company still has headquarters in a nearby suburb.Request has to have date of cancelation what is one day after total loss. Reply On March 19, 2018, Tyler Mac Donald, field claims representative, inspected a lightning damaged chimney at 2046 North Fourth Street, Columbus, Ohio.Farmers decided the chimney collapsed due to “wear and tear” and denied coverage for damages. There are four chimneys on that roof, all of the same age.You lie in your adds and I plan to take my business elsewhere. I was with Aig then 21st century for over 30 years and with Allstate for my homeowners insurance for 35 years claim free I might add. I decided to go with Farmers for both auto and homeowners insurance.Reply I was a potential customer of the sturgis office with frank perez. Called four times later in the day and left a message. She never followed up on any documents,just took my money.We have been long time, loyal Farmer customers with 12 property and two vehicle policies without one claim. I have no time since it was a new house and car policy that I cannot just run of when it is due now. As soon as my six months are up I plan on getting as far away from your company, mainly it’s your agents.It is unfair of your company to use one opinion which I dispute, to deny coverage when I have paid multiple (14) premiums for years and then Farmers does not honor the coverage. charged me the wrong amount and now I have to wait for a refund on difference. The one I unfortunately contacted is Jess Truittt in South Jersey. That’s when my trouble started ,the agent does everything but her job,you can never reach her, she is totally incompetent.

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I have over heard him several times while stopping in to see about doing bussiness with you guys and him talking about other clients with clients and giving out confidential information. Kelly, the supervisor at 800-498-4167, x33317, was supposed to be at her phone on Friday, November 24th. It was a good thing I never cancelled my homeowners insurance, due to her not responding to my phone calls or emails trying to find out if my policy was in effect,so I just kept my original Allstate homeowner insurance.

The insurance was priced right but the agent and their bullshit is unbelievable .

When my 6 months are up in done with Farmers and it can’t happen fast enough !

Im very concerned about you guys having him as a manager there. Now I’m being charged for having Farmers homeowners insurance for two weeks I was not aware of because she never responded .

And now threaten with a collection agency, I never been late on a bill my whole life and have perfect credit!I most say that customer service is good hen you call but they give the wrong email addresses when I tried to send in the proper documents more than once .