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She would have to have forged a ,000 check and got away with it, then caught at some point.If it was just a small check then then she must have a longer record then that.She also posted the message: “Real eyes realise real lies.” Melissa also made it known her husband had cheated on her just days before her birthday.She later slammed the convict-turned-model Meeks as he was once again pictured with Chloe at a swanky jewellery shop in Beverly Hills.I know two people who have been convicted for the very same thing and even though they've "paid their debt to society", I still wouldn't trust EITHER of them as far as I could throw them. A lot of wall street executives should be locked up including some cops, and lawyers and I wouldn't date them either. IMO, the reason the crime was committed is completely irrelevant.They both have serious character flaws (hence the willingness to commit felonies). Some of the guys are more forgiving than I bet the women would be. Was it because she was poor and needed to pay the bills? " Was she having a problem with drugs, booze or gambling? I love it when people say this, " oh she's a really nice girl, but she's been a guest of the government for forgery" Yeah she sounds like a nice girl to me, listen i dont know the circumstances but locked up for 5 years is a bit harsh, she must of been doing some serious forgery To answer your question would I take her seriously and date her? The fact that he/she made a conscious decision to break the law is all that I need to know.

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Melissa responded to the incriminating shots of her con-turned-model husband with a series of pointed Instagram snaps.She wrote on Instagram: “Better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie.” A rep for Melissa declined to comment. Vous trouverez toutes les informations sur le contenu des expositions dans le papillon de présentation.Actually, she is starting to build her own home & she lives with me. She's just having a little trouble getting back out there. And forging a check isn't a violent crime or drug crime though I'd be worried what else she has on her record.

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Judges don't usually give someone a 5 year sentence on a first offense unless it is really something big.

The estranged wife of the so-called "world's hottest felon" Jeremy Meeks is now dating Donald "DJ" Friese - the heir to a billion dollar glazing company fortune, according to sources.