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23-Apr-2020 19:09

Coast Guard pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act ("FOIA") request. I mentioned this issue last year in an article Your Tax Dollars At Sea - Who Pays When Things Go Wrong on Cruises?

The Coast Guard's costs were undoubtedly another ,000,000 or so in personnel and fuel costs for their vessels and helicopters.

This figure does not include the costs incurred by the U. Carver's FOIA request dating back to earlier last year.

The Navy disclosed that it delivered 60 pallets, weighing over 37,000 pounds, of "bread, luncheon meat, pop tarts, canned crab, water and paper plates." Considering the cost of positioning an aircraft carrier, dispatching multiple aircraft and helicopters, and delivering tons of food and water to be dropped onto the cruise ship, the Navy stated that it spent cruise ship. Unfortunately, the Coast Guard has not yet provided any information in response to Mr.

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The Cruise ships going to Baltimore get escorted all the way from the enterance of Chesapeake Bay to Baltimore!

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