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05-Jul-2020 18:05

(FREAKY X-rated 18 UNMODERATED) video chat MATERIAL #Aldenooc for the OOC channel Rulebook for Alden and its sister planet Chorrus: https:/​/​goo.​gl/​rltk1c Join us on Discord!https:/​/​discord.​gg/​0vj RXJ57LUDe KLjw WARNING: DIGI AND DEMON TYPE THE WRONG ALIAS AND POST IN THE WRONG CHANNEL PRETTY MUCH ALL THE TIME!If you want to read more about being a Chat Mod with Kinksters Chat, take a look here for more details.Back to top If you didn't find the help you were looking for on this page, please feel free to hop onto chat and go into #Help, or send a message with your problem to us at admin [at] To jump to the section you want to view, simply click the item!You can use the following connection details to add Kinksters Chat to your IRC Client: Description: Kinksters Chat Server: irc.Port: 6667-6670 (use 6697 for SSL) Password: (leave blank) Back to top If you need help using chat, or if you're having another problem that you feel you need help with, then please join the channel #Help (type /join #Help) and someone there will be able to assist you. We've written up a few pointers for you so you might enchance your enjoyment in chat.

: P) To get a list of the KC Officials, type /admin when you are connected to the chat.

This way you will have the same password for all your nicknames and memo's sent to one of your nicknames can be read by ANY of your nicknames.