Javascript code for validating radio buttons

28-Sep-2020 09:45

A drop-down thus works as an alternative and in specific cases, a better option, as compared to radio buttons and checkboxes. Did we say an alternative to both radio buttons and checkboxes?

But, it should have been just the radio button, shouldn’t it?

had not been written within a function it would simply have been performed as soon as the line was loaded by the browser.

But since we wrote it as a function, it is not performed until the browser is specifically told to.

I agree with Nixz's response and would like to add more detail.

Nixz posted: A simple way to do is to set the Group Name property for the option buttons in the form.

So, it will be comfortable for you to put these form buttons on every-page and users can easily access it.

A user can select only one option from a drop-down list and therefore it resembles just the radio button in its functionality and not the checkboxes, right?

family=Raleway"; /*---------------------------------------------- CSS settings for HTML div Exact Center ------------------------------------------------*/ #abc img#close div#popup Contact form p h2 hr input[type=text] #name #email textarea #submit span button Popup contact form are event triggered form.

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