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Luckily no one was hurt, but the guy really didn’t want to miss his appointment. Tom Hanks also starred in Forrest Gump where he went off to war and ended up saving the life of Lieutenant Dan. Today’s Kill a Half Hour question is all about driving, because with the Memorial Day weekend upon us we are likely do a lot of that!

He said he knew he had insurance and the he would take care of it after the cut. We will have another report for you after the holiday weekend at . In the movie Saving Private Ryan, Tom Hanks leads a squad to search for paratrooper Private Ryan who is the last surviving brother of four servicemen. Parallel parking has been named the #1 most difficult thing to do while driving. Clues: REAR VIEW MIRROR and LINES Answer: Backing up into a parking space Congrats to Nick for getting the answer today! Today’s edition of Austin’s Presidential Fun Facts, our countdown to the end of school, features the 36th President of the United States Lyndon Baines Johnson.

This is nothing short of a miracle, in our opinion, after Farquhar suffered a brain hemorrhage during the April 20th game.

The Sox also announced that they will donate proceeds from all fundraising efforts on the 1st to an organization that supports patients and families of brain aneurysms.

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Anthony Hopkins played Hannibal Lecter is what 1991 movie? Zachary Levi shared a photo of his Shazam suit on instagram. It looks like a wild one, involving race cars and cops! Apparently it was done by some punk kids with a baseball bat, and witnesses came forward with information that will hopefully lead to their official bust.

We will choose a hero on Thursday and announce it on Friday. 40% of people say they are afraid to find out about this. Clues: CONTENTS and FRANKS Answer: ingredients in a hot dog Congrats to Brenton in Naperville! President Ford’s birth name was Leslie Lynch King, Jr.

I currently have a very good (I think) but also very old and large Hi Fi set up: A pair of Lowther Acousta folded horn speakers, a Yamaha CR-820 tuner amp and a basic CD player (I also have a pair of Celestion Ditton 15 XR speakers at my disposal)I am thinking of selling all the above and to replace them with a more modern pair of floor standing speakers and a tuner/amp.… continue reading »

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plez DO mention each and every step to install the firmware on my psp cuz this is gonna b the 1st time iam going to...… continue reading »

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Diese Funktionen werde ich später schön beschreiben.… continue reading »

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