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However, taking the oral contraceptive pill seemed to reduce a woman's chance of being incontinent by 50%."There are a lot of oestrogen receptors in the bladder wall and the bladder neck," Davis explains."One theory is that the high level of oestrogen that comes with taking the pill may be improving bladder function – but quite honestly we don't know.""I think we need to understand this much more because a 50% reduction in likelihood of being incontinent is pretty dramatic when we're talking about a condition affecting one in eight healthy young women."It's too soon for doctors to start recommending women take the pill to combat incontinence, but there are other things you can do.

The first is to recognise that you have a problem."If you leak or you're a young person and you have to get up in the night [to go to the toilet]...

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[but] most incontinence can be managed either by exercises or physiotherapy...

They support the bladder and bowel and help control the openings to these organs (ie the uretha and anus).

It's also suspected that some women naturally have poor bladder control – possibly due to a hormonal imbalance – and this can manifest when they are children.

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