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Since I do not advertise my personal relayipnships , especially on line, few would be aware if I was dateing or courting. But I am new to this whole dating thing some terms still confuse me as well casual dating now a days sounds like casual sex on different sites. You cannot know a person's true character on several dates, so dating is just knowing about each other, no commitments yet so you're still free to choose whom to be with, no guilt feelings and just be honest with yourself if you do feel attracted and if there is possibility that you both could get along well, if not, say your goodbye or just switch it to friendship if you still want to keep in touch... Is it unfair to be stringing the other person a long while you keep looking..

One thing that would immediate ly end a friendship, dating, or courting relationship would be for someone to try to monitor my private life One of the reasons I usually avoid those who need to have personal security or are public figures. It is better to be honest and express your feelings early so you both could move on and make other plans in your lives... Even know you explained your position to them clearly..

I have tried in the past and found it's not for me. Even know you explained your position to them clearly..

and they say they're okay with that they understand... This is actually taking advantage of the other person.

Now is it appropriate well seeing somebody and getting to know them to be also seeing other people at the same time.... Some believe if you're just dating casually but looking for long term.. Firstly I feel a bit weird dating multiple people...

From people that are dating casually but looking for something serious long term... and they say they're okay with that they understand...

It would be remiss of me not to keep one eye open to other possibilities; the other eye is on the lookout for any oddities in a current relationship... Casual dating isn't being exclusive to one person ..

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For me, if I meet a man I'm interested in enough to go dating with him or see any possibilities for common future, I loose interest to all others.I don't know if it is the type of men I select usually very atire Because I tend to avoid long marathon dates; especially ones that are formal and expensive I have rarely had someone complain. Even know you explained your position to them clearly..And I don't send mixed messages about where my feelings are at. It's dating unless no strings attached LOl Just kidding In my opinion unless you have decided to take relationship to next level there is no fence. and they say they're okay with that they understand...My dating method is to not get in a rush about deciding anything prematurely.

While I generally have a clear cut response in if someone has impressed me or is wasting both of our time often in the first several minutes of in person contact if the answer is it just isn't going to "take" and I try to be gracious about it but not pretend it oit Because I tend to avoid long marathon dates; especially ones that are formal and expensive I have rarely had someone complain.

or as an example let's say you're seeing somebody offline right now but you keep your profile online still running... Some believe once you meet someone and start seeing them.. but at the same time I don't want to close off any option of meeting the right person while I'm entertaining or dating what .could be the wrong person... If I go out with someone one or two times it is just to get to know them better. If something starts to develop then other dating stops and I tend to concentrate all on her alone.

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