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Today, bonnets or straw hats for the girls are important, they need to have something they will wear to protect them from the sun. Wearing pantaloons helps maintain modesty in trekking situations.

Bonnet Patterns (PDF-243KB) Here’s another Pioneer Bonnet Pattern: click here to enlarge Pantaloons: Worn underneath the dress and were normally white. (Although the young women often wear denim jeans, on the trek they should be discouraged because they are too tight, hot and don’t breathe.) Here’s a pattern: For both women and men, shoes need not be “period” style. Do not wear new hiking boots unless you have taken at least two months to break them in.

They were made of cotton with a deep stiffened brim and back ruffle to protect the neck.

What NOT TO Wear Blue jeans, baseball caps, tank tops, t shirts, tight/short dresses, brand new shoes.Plain colors were common, but stripes or plaids were also used. Choose something larger than a regular fit, with long sleeves. Choose rather loose fitting through the crotch and thigh area to add comfort In walking.

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Organist Karen Kahl provided the accompaniment for soloist Eldon Hardekopf as he sang "How Great Thou Art" and "I Was There to Hear Your Burning Cry" and for the congregational hymn, "Lift High the Cross".… continue reading »

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