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Once a site has been identified as the source, it cannot be changed, and no other sites within the site collection can be designated as the source.

Sites that receive most of their content from the source variation site.

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The Microsoft Translator is a webpage widget that allows you to translate pages on your website in real time.

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The label is included in the site URL and might look something like this: From this source, all variation sites will be copied.Variation sites are built hierarchically with the root site at the top and all language variants beneath it.The source and targets sit one level below the root.Here’s an example: The variations feature is a component of the Share Point Online publishing infrastructure, and it uses publishing site templates when creating sites.

The actual content publishing process, however, depends on which site template you choose when setting up your variations.Selecting Publishing Site for the source variation means that all pages on the source or below it in the site hierarchy must be published before they are replicated on target variation sites.