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17-Apr-2020 19:22

Who knows: If you smoke enough of it, you might even start to believe that the red-headed stranger is in the room with you.

(Yes, weed isn’t hallucinogenic, I don’t know drugs, and I’m not just feigning ignorance in the off chance my parents are reading this).

If Beyonce really wants to make headlines with her Coachella performance (not that she’ll have a problem with that), she should close her set by revealing who owns the guilty set of chompers…

and then do an encore of “Single Ladies.” Win: Lorde getting under the covers If you come from a place that an iconic musical artist is from, and Lorde has a tour date in that place, good news: Lorde will perform one of that artist’s songs.

And let's face it, I've been getting laid far more often thanks to my online dating habits!

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There are theories, of course, but ultimately, it appears that we’ll never know who the toothy perp really is.

It’s surely filled with fun, joy, and high-profile encounters with celebrities who are on everybody’s bucket list of people to hang out with (as well as a lot of rehearsals for Coachella).

I don’t know what it’s like to be Beyonce, but I can tell you one thing: Actually tasting her will not get you any closer.

Everyone remembers the good old days of booty call dating from the days before the internet even existed.

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There was nothing better than receiving a midnight call from a chick you knew that was maybe a little drunk and just wanted to give you a late night spicy visit.Of course, I used to get those calls because I had made it quite clear to them that I was available for such thing if the need ever stroke them (you get the pun? The great thing is that since I've started online adult dating, I now still get the occasional booty call!

His fifth album God`s Gift was released on December 12, 2006.… continue reading »

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