Lee dong wook and lee dae hae dating

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But still, she has showed us her outstanding acting”, “It must be really hard on her during this period of time, hope that we can see an even better Lee Da Hye in future.” Hwang Jung Eum, former member of girl group Sugar will make her entry next Monday as Lee Da Hye’s replacement.She will be casted as the daughter of the chief public prosecutor and eventually gets married to Lee Dong Wook. The burden was very big from the time I practiced the script to now. Note from the translator (heartmonster): Sorry, this is a translation from a Chinese translation of the actual Korean note (confusing eh? There's some parts that are confusing since it was in Chinese simplify and I am not that familiar with simplifly compared with traditional characters but I tried to make it fluent as best as possible. ( DW patted LDH's shoulder and the laughed..) DH: actually im starting to miss everything in MG DH gave DW a YR stare n said: hei. ( his outfit) DW: i feel more comfortable like this.. MC gave a sign that the interview should stop then.. From the time we have filmed in Jeju, everyone has waited for the finale these past 85 days.Leng Raymundo, the person responsible bringing k-series in the Philippines. LDH: Now I’m singing.: Hope everyone can remember this song. Aun: Just ask the groom and we’ll all know.: The groom will best know your size. SGC: Just listen to the expert’s opinion.: Aunty seems right. Korean words A love that blossomed in the frequent “lies”JYR: You just held you breath, didn’t you? Korean words A seemingly choked Lee Da Hae JYR: Water…Korean words Thought it was real SGC: Are you all right? LDW: Using the mentality of the drama’s Gong Chan…: Ju Yoo Rin, she’s mine LDH: You can’t escape Korean words Q: What’s the plot like in future? girls residing in the Philippines, just saw on TV that lee dong wook oppa will be in "Wowowee" this saturday, also heard willie promoting it this afternoon ... If I'm not mistaken, Lee Da Hae told the audience that they'll TRY to date in the future..was during Dong Wook's fan meeting or something! Aww, I feel helpless because Dong Wook is on my mind all day long...Well, she mentioned Japan multiple times, more than the Phillipines. She also mentioned that she's been to so many countries that she has forgotten where she went. i knoe ldh went to taiwan to do some promotion but i didn't hear anythin about ldw. Words on screen:[Now we’ll be able to reveal another side of Lee Da-hae]LDH: 4th episode. Words on screen:[Lee Da-hae chose this scene]MC: It’s this scene. SGC: When did I…JYR: I can tell just by seeing your red face Host: The girl whose forte and interest is in lying, Lee Da Hae: The guy who got her poison, Lee Dong Wook JYR: It’s ok, it’s ok…: It’s a good thing to make wishes JYR: When you think of someone and count to 5: Then see that person when you open your eyes, you will fall in love with her Host: The curious Lee Dong Wook counted to 5: Appearing in from of him is in fact the swindler Lee Da Hae: Then the proud man said…Korean words The lady of Seol Gong Chan’s life is Ju Yoo Rin SGC: Seol Gong Chan, you must be crazy. JYR: Water SGC: Hang on a while Korean words Gong Chan goes out to buy a drink Host: After so long, there should be some immunity built up towards Lee Da Hae’s lies: But the naïve Dong Wook is fooled again JYR: Let’s go back Korean words Q: How did you fall in love with Lee Da Hae in the drama? SGC: Why are you venting your post-alcohol moods on such innocent things? JYR: Yes, I’m a hooligan, you baddie Seol Gong Chan! Stingy and full of himself Host: Lee Dong Wook’s love trick is to be stingy and full of himself JYR: Put some oysters here as well Korean words Gong Chan and Yoo Rin goes for a meal SGC: I’ll grill and eat the oysters that I’ve killed myself: If you want to eat, kill them yourself JYR: How petty JYR: Isn’t this pretty? LDW: Everyone will have a shock: Nobody would ever think that Seol Gong Chan actually has this side to him Korean words Lee Dong Wook prepared to give people a shock LDH: That’s right LDW: There will be a lot of embarrassing moments LDH: Really a lot of changes LDW: Will love her a lot later on LDH: Audience of this love segment, nice seeing you again: Thank you for your support all this while: Please continue to watch My Girl LDW: Please continue to love My Girl LDH: Thank you=========Btw, is LDH going to HK on 28 July? Why can't she just go to Manila with LDW on 20th and then they both fly to HK from there on 28th? so let's all watch out for him on saturday around 12pm or so... (both of them laughing together) DH: hei there are cameras around us..( still laughing) Q3 MC: wat's ur deepest impression of the MG mainpage? Thank you for not having any disagreements during the filming proccess. Words on screen:[Cute Transformation – Lee Da Hae]Words on Screen:[‘2’ Hotel]MC: To further ado, let’s interview her.

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and we hope we can have as many signatures as possible. Words on Screen:[This is especially for me.]Words on screen:[Who is the most beautiful of all? JYR: Yes, Lee Dong Wook and I often joke with each other during filming.: And he doesn’t really praise me.: I did up a hairdo that looks like that of Shim Shun Mother.: He would say things like “You did a Shim Shun Mother hairdo”: I would then ask “Why are you doing this to me Oppa?Phillipines was mentioned with her catching lobsters... they're both good actors and i adore them haha. I thought the topic of this thread is great but I think we should have more information and news about them to share rather than just expressing our obssession with this heavenly couple, right? But I think this ought to be posted here along with other info that can make their fans fly. This song is sang by her: I think LDH isn’t here to play the role …LDH: I’ve been pondering this for quite sometime. Korean words Q: Continue to be fooled by lies, but…LDW: I was always fooled by Yoo Rin’s lies: As time went by, I grew used to it: Funny and cute right? LDW: There weren’t any special incidences that brought about love towards Lee Da Hae. Korean words Gong Chan buys clothes for Yoo Rin SGC: Look how comfortable this is.