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If so, you’ll score high marks for this present and you’ll end up with tasty dinners you don’t have to make. If your husband likes tools and hates being without them, here is one that can slide in his wallet just like a credit card would. Fix-It will appreciate the 11 uses this tool has — it can be a bottle opener, a screwdriver, butterfly wrench, saw blade and more.

If your man frequently ends up losing all the screws he takes out while he’s trying to fix something, this gift will be a lifesaver.

Is he known to like to occasionally have a drink in one hand and the remote in the other? If your husband should be in rehab for his bacon addiction, give him this pack of dental floss which will remind him every morning and night of his deep love for bacon. Or they can be little things that can make your husband’s life easier.

Plus, it will help him keep his teeth clean so he can have many more decades of happy chewing. In this crazy world, it just helps to know that someone’s thinking of us, even if they can’t spend much.

If your husband considers grilled meat its own food group, he’ll love this apron.

He’ll want to wear it every time he fires up the grill and he’ll probably want to have a get together with his friends soon after receiving this so he can show it off. If you frequently make cracks about the bathroom being his second home, your husband should get a chuckle out of this bathroom dart game.

To keep up in today’s world, you need a laptop instead of or in addition to a home computer.

Your husband will love the screen clarity on this one and you’ll get a kick out of how excited he’ll be when he unwraps it.

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Seeing your husband smile and hearing him laugh when he opens your present is a gift all on its own.Make sure you understand his humor and keep it in mind when you choose this gift.