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So, keep reading as I present to you five nuggets of insight into de-mystifying our process of assessing and providing professional advice on pricing and setting rental rates. Hence, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you along the way, from all the unsaid costs to general tips, from an Agent’s as well as a buyer’s perspective. The sound of hooves on the turf at the Garrison Savannah are getting closer as the 2018 Sandy Lane Gold Cup is just around the corner!

Bridgetown is the capital of the island, and for centuries has served as the epicenter of all commercial activities across the island. On Saturday March 3, the six-furlong track will see trainers, jockeys and their formidable thoroughbreds from around the world grace its grounds to take the coveted champion’s cup - the Gold Cup - from their local rivals.

Once again another month in 2018 draws closer to its end but this one is a little different to Motorsport fans. The end of May marks the beginning of Barbados’ premier rally event, Sol Rally Barbados 2018!

Indoor air quality is one of the first attributes noticed by building occupants.

The British settlers disembarked in a sparse - and nameless - Bridgetown in 1628, where the most predominant feature of the desolate area was a primitive bridge believed to be erected by the island’s natives over its main waterway. One of the best ways to form a lasting impression with your clients and staff is having an office space that reflects all the tenets of your brand.In Barbados, beachfront development has ranged from as far north as Port St.Charles, all the way down to The Crane Private Residences in the South-East of the island.While there are similarities it's the differences that provide the insight. So, you’ve decided to take this big step to buy a home (and it is a very big step indeed), probably the single largest investment you’ll ever make.

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Sue Armfield, Real Estate Agent We know there are several aspects of our day-to-day where we interface with you, but today, I am here to give you further insight into the behind-the-scenes of our pricing practice - where we aim to achieve the best results for you! Owning your first home comes with so many mixed feelings of excitement, anxiety and uncertainty, that it’s quite easy to forget the smaller but important things.

Dear Visitor, we understand that you are here to meet your ideal Ukrainian bride or Russian bride!

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