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21-Oct-2020 19:06

Comedians sometimes get the honor of hosting the comedy program Saturday Night Live after a long proven career.Macaulay skipped the line and hosted the show at age 11!Macaulay was often a guest at Michael Jackson’s infamous sleepovers, even sharing the bed with him.In 2003, over 70 police officers raided the premises of Neverland Ranch finding things that were beyond disturbing, including a “collection of pornography that included images and footage of naked children and adults, as well as animal torture, bondage, and sadomasochism.” Macaulay publicly supported Jackson when people started blaming him for all of the misconduct found at the estate.

From his questionable relationship with Michael Jackson to his traumatic relationship with his family, we have all the details from a recent candid interview that explain the events that lead up to his troubled life.This remarkable record is only eclipsed by Drew Barrymore, who hosted SNL at age 7 after her role on E. Having millions in the bank can be a blessing and a curse.