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10-Sep-2020 14:54

They proceeded to apply lotion to themselves and each other before they lay down on their towels.

After a while the lady must have noticed that the book I was reading was written in English.

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She smiled and said she had seen hard cocks before but mine was nice.

Then I noticed her husband was hard, I guess, through watching us at ‘play’. She saw me looking at it and so took hold of her husband’s cock and asked me if I liked it. For mow that was that, so we all settled down for the sun as my cock wilted.

She chuckled and said that all my exposed back body parts had to be lotioned.

Eventually she finished after addressing my balls and asshole once again.

She took the lotion and poured it onto my back, and ass cheeks, and started rubbing it in. It took seconds after she started for my cock to get hard, and it got harder the more she rubbed the lotion into my skin.

After a few seconds of this she moved down to my exposed balls and I spread my legs open to allow her to rub lotion on the exposed sac.