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14-Sep-2019 21:50

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If so, you might have noticed they can change location when the screen is refreshed.

For example, it tends to happen when you modify the screen resolution.

The Portfolio Committee on Water and Environmental Affairs requested members of the public to submit proposals to them on possible solutions to the rhino poaching crisis that has swept through South Africa.

From the 40 proposals submitted they asked 16 groups to attend the public hearing to present their solutions. The Department of Environmental Affairs opened with an overview of the current situation bringing us all up to date with the latest stats and figures they had.

Here are the top 15 tweets from rhino hearing that were tweeted on the day of the Parliamentary public hearing.

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These steps do not cancel all of your online services from your bank or brokerage.if I click on any other folder such as sent items and back to the inbox, its back to reading pane on and preview pane off. It only left the worked hours field which I can't update because the date and employee id field disappears so I don't know who's hours or what date I am updating.

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