Naruto dating game cheats

11-Mar-2020 12:36

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Therefore the actionscript might have problems working normally. Here is the link to the first one I discontinued:[link]EDITED: I think I fixed the glitches. There are 3 endings in all, the third ending is probably the one you guys want to get. I'd still consider you a true fan of the ship for contributing such an awesome addition to the fandom ^.^ Thanks again! Each choice you pick will add a point to an ending.After a long day at work or school you surely need some free time in which to relax and enjoy.What better way to relax than playing hundreds of free games online without paying any money.

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Game Instructions: If you are a fun of the anime cartoons, you have probably heard of Naruto.

In this game you get to see what would it be like to date those characters.

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