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A history dating back to 1926 and the invention of the Oyster, the worlds first-ever waterproof wristwatch.The experimental Rolex Deepsea Challenge perpetuates the adventure of the Oyster and the pioneering spirit of innovation that has forged the reputation of Rolex.Rolex is therefore a natural partner for the Deepsea Challenge expedition, a project that combines human adventure and technological innovation, the pursuit of excellence and pushing the limits of mans potential.Such endeavours correspond to the brands core values and the philosophy inherited from its founder, Hans Wilsdorf.An adventure punctuated with exceptional moments, some of which have entered the annals of history, when Rolex watches have proven their mettle under extreme conditions by accompanying men and women in their quest for the absolute.

The Rolex Deepsea Challenge is fitted with a patented Triplock screw-down winding crown with a triple waterproofness system, the same type that equips all Rolex divers watches.The Triestes dive in 1960 marked the culmination of Rolexs relationship with the underwater world.And the partnership with James Camerons expedition marks a new and no less spectacular milestone in the history of the brands privileged ties with the oceans.Rolex has developed and manufactured an exceptional experimental model for the dive: the Oyster Perpetual Rolex Deepsea Challenge, guaranteed waterproof to the extreme depth of 12,000 metres (39,370 feet).

The watch confirms Rolexs tradition of excellence in the field of mechanical watches and its position as the leading brand in waterproofness.The Rolex Deepsea Challenge symbolizes the brands supremacy in mastering waterproofness.