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National School Supply and Equipment Association NSSEA is trade association made up of over 1,400 member companies involved in the school market industry, including suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, and service providers. Rebuild America's Schools Coalition of national organizations and school districts working to create federal support to help local communities build, renovate and modernize schools. A nonprofit organization, SBIC promotes high- performance school buildings through online training and customized workshops for school administrators and local advocates; resources and technical training for architects, engineers and builders; and sponsorship and technical review opportunities for members and partners.Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) An association focused on the promotion, advancement, and application of effective planning in higher education. The 21st Century School Fund The 21st Century School Fund is a nonprofit organization founded in 1995 to work on school facility issues nationally and locally in the District of Columbia, building the public will and capacity to improve urban public school facilities.APPA Leadership in Educational Facilities An international association which maintains, protects, and promotes the quality of educational facilities.

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Education Law Center A non-profit organization dedicated to the pursuit of equal educational opportunity for poor children and children with disabilities in New Jersey.Centered on children's environmental health, Healthy Schools Network activities include information, education, and coalition building.