Outlook cached exchange mode not updating

29-Mar-2020 03:07

However, after a while I worked out that having it configured this way lead to performance issues, and people who had over 500 folders had cases where the inbox would stop updating.

Changing the tickbox setting resolved the issue, despite the secondary mailboxes before and after this showing as ‘Online’.

After migrating to Outlook 2016 from 2010, I noticed this inconsistency.

If you use secondary mailboxes in Outlook, you’re probably going to want them in Online Mode rather than Cached Mode.

We are aware this could be caused by the fact that this shared calendar has more than 5,000 items, so we attempted to edit the current calendar view in the portal to only show events created within the last 2 years.

We went into this shared calendar current view and selected Show items only when the following is true: [Today]-730 We saved this filter but it doesn't look that it did anything for this issue.

This worked on Outlook 2010 fine I believe, but in 2016 it did something slightly strange.

Although clicking on a secondary mailbox’s folders showed they were in Online Mode with the status bar status of ‘Online’, the ‘Download shared folders’ tickbox was still enabled.

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At first I thought nothing of this, as it seemed to be working as intended.

This first came to light when a new PC was provisioned for this employee and they logged into Outlook.