Paula white dating 2016

21-Sep-2019 20:04

I was told: “That’s nothing but a phone call for him.” Pilar and her beau have reportedly been dating for nearly a year.She will probably deny every bit of this post — as she should if she wants to keep that money pipeline open and flowing.I am told that he is a very low key, very wealthy individual who prefers to keep his love life under wraps.I’m told that this recording executive based in Louisiana reaches into his deep pockets frequently and often to lavish Pilar with gifts and trips to faraway exotic locales.One day she did it to my shock."Hinn said it's painful to talk about his marital problems, noting that he and his wife were separated long before the divorce filing."We've had to be very quiet to protect the ministry, the work of the Lord," he said.

She continued with family problems that started when she found out that her son had a drug addiction and was sexually abused by another male at a staff member’s house.The article, which released July 23, claimed the two spent three nights in a five-star hotel Hinn booked under a false name.