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In the japanese version it is called Community Link A Social Link is usually established when a storyline event is begun or looked into, such as when you join either Track and Field, Swim Team, or Kendo Club.

Some of them are a little more difficult to begin, oftentimes involving talking to the same character more than once for a certain number of days to begin the Link, or obtaining a certain level in Academics, Courage, or Charm.

The third Social Link is Death, which advances every time you talk with Pharos except when rescuing Fuuka.

Some Social Links can only be formed after a certain date and/or event takes place, opening them up to you.

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Some calendar-specific dates can only be completed with one character. As with most aspects of an RPG like this, there are pros and cons to leveling Social Links.

Yukiko Amagi is the most confusing dating option for most players.