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Matiyek's death was the unplanned consequence of a volatile situation which escalated out of control when Mr. Campbell stated in his evidence that he fired the fatal shots because he thought Mr. At the table behind me there were a number of individuals also seated at a round table. - somebody called John Hill "I was raped by Richard Price, Bill Lavoie and Dwight Boyle". There may have been some little old man, because there was a lot of elderly people, who was upstairs at the time who may have been down for a quick drink before he went to bed. If you have got some little old man who was quietly sitting in a corner who is a resident of that hotel and nobody asked him a thing, and some one in off the street, you never know, and he sure isn't going to come forward and say because you know what happens to most people. A.: "He wasn't searching for a copper, he went to a pay phone in front of the hotel to call, looked out the window and there was the cop car on the corner, and then he ran out onto the street." Q.: So you mean he was in the lounge? April 4, 1992 Met Merv at CNE Colliseum Motorcycle Swap meet and show. 80-100 Outlaws - a dozen Loners, Iron Wings, Last Chance - and about 40 BDR's and about a dozen Para-Dice Riders. These are the plates of the three vehicles in which a group of Outlaws departed. * New Witnesses - the ambulance attendants, old nurses at the time might know * Mrs. they had been Choice for years and both of them changed when the Outlaws came up from the East, they were Kingston-based at that time, and there was quite a few of the Kingston Chapter I guess that went with the Outlaws and that was a blow to the Satan's Choice, and so here's Bill, a Golden Hawk, sitting with two Outlaws, ex-Choice members and they were all drunk, I mean they were drunk, they weren't just feeling good, they were drunk.

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The author publicly raises serious questions concerning the integrity of the case. Went to court on the rape trial about a year later. To make him a an `occasional' and not a regular makes it difficult for patrons and staff to pinpoint the exact time he began as a patron. 3) we must also make connections into the OPP in London without alarming Terry Hall who O'Brien knows as an anti-biker zealot. The Walton was, in 1978 at the time of the Matiyek murder, the Queens Hotel. Ray: I agree with it, yes I agree with you, I can't see, if you do something wrong and get punished for it but I get awfully annoyed .. Q.: He also identified Anderson, Crossfield, Martin, High and Flood, which is extraordinary, he managed to ID a large number of people, none of whom were among the accused. He was in the SCMC files as far as I know he is still in the club. A.: "Oh, here's the second Stewart pass 'Bronson, Crossfied, Martin, Flood, Anderson and High' other than Bronson the ID's didn't jibe with any other witness." Q.: Too many Outlaw, yes three others of those you just mentioned are Outlaws as far as I can recall. 3) A written summary detailing in precise, truthful detail exactly what Gary Comeau remembers of the night of October 18, 1978, starting at the point where he received a call from Rick Sauve. - Gary Comeau - Susan Smith saw the whole thing with B. This statemet was given to me by Merv Blaker on April 2nd. Merv: April The meeting that Terry Hall had with Rick and Merv, Hall said that Rick was trying to provoke a fight when it was the other way around. A.: Merv, no, he's a good guy, maybe in his younger days but certainly not in my history at the Queen's Hotel, he wasn't one of the rowdy ones. I didn't go to the preliminary hearings or anything.

Following the close of the defence case, Crown Counsel re-called witness Susan Foote, a patron of the Queen's Hotel, who was present on the evening of the shooting. Foote had testified earlier in the trial regarding observations she had made in the period of time before, and after, the shooting of Mr. She further indicated that, in the period of time immediately prior to the shooting she had been looking around the lounge to see if she recognized anyone and she had not seen Lorne Campbell. I do not know the name of the person I saw with the gun. People move around as you know when they're drinking, now at that time the Tower had a licence a Lounge licence, now it's quite possible that somebody found it a little too toney, maybe a couple of construction workers or something that were there may have gone down to the Ganny for a, not the Ganny but the Walton or the Queen's as it was known then. We heard Florida, Hawaii- these were bribes the witnesses received. Cathy Cotgrave in Port Hope, Bell reverse has # as K. Cathy Cotgrave lives at a home at 97 Mill Road 885-1667, the phone is registered to K. A.: "It doesn't say, that's why in terms of the gun those guys should be interviewed, because I thought it just as probable - now you tell me what the procedure would be; you have a stiff lying on the floor, someone who is very near death, there has been a shooting clearly a crime of some sort, but clearly you would have to attend to him, he would have to be taken away that wouldn't be considered interference of the crime scene would it? It may have been third hand information from another constable, from them. Doug owns a few buildings around town bit of Real Estate etc. Hoffman was given a new trial but he copped a plea for time served. Terry Hall - Woody organized drug raids in the 70's - "Woody" was the instrument of the Big Raid that Sauve told us about Left Wilson's home at p.m. Peter knew of Douglas Peart but says he didn't know him well. I mean my God I can remember standing at the bar and looking into the pool room which was dark but you could see silhouettes and there was probably 10 people in there alone and there weren't that many patrons in the hotel that night. A.: I would say at least Q.: OK, and the pool room.. October 13, 1992 pm Contacted Betty Lucas by phone 753-2392 - Welcome area -- Betty Lucas is retired.

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