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01-Jun-2020 15:04

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Do you guys have any tactful ways of asking what a girl's body looks like before meeting for the first time? I've wasted a considerable amount of time on what ended up being some fatties. I think a lot of these women pull the old bait and switch technique.I would, I'm sure there are girls on dating sites who are slim but don't like to show themselves on camera but for the most part if they have loads of pictures but they are only head shots then yes she doesn't want you to see whats below the neck. Photos taken by other people are WAY less likely to be messed with to hide fatness. I know about the "no body shots, then shes fat" and "look at her arms to tell how fat she is".Plenty Of Fish is the Internet’s biggest free dating site.

Check out FGAS they have lots of examples of the tricks women pull with their photos.

They IMMEDIATELY reject the idea, and start to attack the person presenting the idea.

So like that, in one sense, American women are a lot like brainwashed cult members.

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