Prisoners of the lost universe sex

28-Dec-2019 01:49

Three people are transported to another world when an earthquake occurs just as the scientist is experimenting with his "matter" transmitter.

The trio must escape the strange world of Vonya while dealing with a number of villains.

I'm constantly amazed at how many of these types of minimal-effort movies there are out there, especially of the sci-fi rip-off variety.

It's apparently a lot easier to make a film than I would have guessed, all you need is a camera and some schtupes dumb enough to sign a ten-day SAG contract and you too can have a directorial credit on IMDb! Anyway, Prisoners of the Lost Universe opens in smoggy Los Angeles, where we meet Carrie, our film's youngish and blondish female lead.

Dan comes to the house looking for help; while he and Carrie examine the machine they, too, disappear.

Carrie finds herself alone in what appears to be a prehistoric world in a parallel universe, called Vonya, where time runs differently.

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While demonstrating his machine to Carrie, Hartmann disappears.TV personality Carrie Madison goes to visit crackpot scientist Dr.

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