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18-Jan-2020 03:41

It is simply asserting what appears to be the point of this list of supposed arguments – that evolution through natural forces is impossible. It refers to irreducible complexity and gives the examples of vision and blood clotting.It does not address the century and a half old refutation of this argument – that biological systems could have evolved from simpler systems that were functional but served a different purpose from their current one.

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It would have to come together fully formed and integrated.Thanks to Jim Darnall for adding some important new information.1) The complexity of living systems could never evolve by chance—they had to be designed and created.Further, all the examples (stated here and elsewhere) of supposed irreducibly complex systems have been shown to have simpler antecedents.

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The statement also implies that evolution is “random.” This is false.Creationists abuse information theory by making claims about information without ever defining the term.

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