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They should be given their due.”Zoya, her cousin Farah Khan and collaborating partner Reema Kagti are the only female voices in the much-touted Rs 100 crore club (box office collections) in Bollywood.Just with four films—including (she directed a segment of the 2013 omnibus to celebrate the centenary year of Hindi cinema)—Zoya has established her very distinct voice.Born into one of Hindi film industry’s most prestigious families, it’s not surprising that Zoya knows that world well.

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Priyanka [Chopra], Deepika [Padukone] and Kangana [Ranaut] are powerhouses and people come into theatres to watch them.

Though Zoya captures these nuances with trademark finesse, the concept of gender discrimination was so alien to her when she first started working in the Hindi film industry as an assistant director that she didn’t even notice it. ’ He said he could and we worked again after that film.”Two mega hits (, 2015) later, it is unlikely that Zoya Akhtar has to assert her authority on her sets.

However, she does remember an incident from the set of her directorial debut (2009). Indisputably among Bollywood’s most successful directors (with two of her films becoming box office blockbusters), she doesn’t make the 2015 Forbes India Celebrity List because she is selective about her work and absent from social media.

“Zoya is very crystal clear in what she wants for a scene. Even when she wants to change something, it’s not on a whim.

She has very clear reasons for why something is not working,” says Javed Akhtar about working with his daughter as lyricist and dialogue writer.

“As a filmmaker, you have to put yourself out there.

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