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It's just a matter of really being patient and probably having the capacity and the faith of falling in love with your own wife again.Taya Parker is one of the sexiest, most controversial and established women in the VH1 hall of fame.Plus, ask the right questions and you can find out a lot of information about your date and determine whether or not theyd be a suitable partner. Weve put together a list of fifty great questions to ask from serious questions to silly icebreakers.

If you had six months left to live, what would you do first?

In fact, we offer the widest choice of professionally run events in England, Scotland and Wales.

Check out the full listing of future evenings and remember - Speed Dating is not only fun, it is successful.

You only get four minutes to make an impression at a Dateina Dash Speed Dating event, those four minutes will fly by if youve got lots to say or really drag if you run out of conversation.

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Lets face it, no one wants to be with someone who doesnt talk and is boring.

It has so permeated Western popular culture that even those who aren't looking for love know what it is.