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29-Dec-2019 23:20

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All she wants out of Pattinson is friendship and that’s all she’s going to continue to get.Katy Perry is not “dating” Robert Pattinson, despite a reheated yet still wrong rumor. We’re told by insiders connected to both stars that they’re just very good friends.Rob was photographed a few times in July hiking with a dog, the dog he shares with FKA twigs. Gossip Cop is often good for only the pro-celebrity, PR-sanctioned take but they do bring up good points about the legitimacy of E!

So…isn’t it so great that his love life, which has dominated his career, is now being highlighted just as is about to be released in theatres. Many celebrities leverage their personal lives when it’s time to sell their projects.

Katy Perry is not “waiting” for Robert Pattinson to “let her out” of a supposed “friend zone,” despite a new report.

This story was completely made-up, just like others about the longtime pals. As Gossip Cop has reported, the stars had dinner together last week and were falsely reported to be “making out” in public.

The story seemed possible because Rob went on Howard Stern and said he was only “kind of” engaged and he and FKA twigs haven’t been seen together in a while. Or are he and Katy Perry – longtime friends – leaning into the benefits side of their relationship?

Here are a couple of things to consider, before you make your decision. Their sources insist that Rob and Katy are just friends and that Rob and twigs are still together and engaged, although they do note that the intensity of Rob and twigs’s relationship is unknown.And after insisting in that other piece that they were “dating,” the invented “source” here merely says there’s a “chance for them to make something more out of their great friendship.” Interestingly, one of the site’s commenters responded: “first Hollywood life says rob has been crushing on katy for years and now they say katy has been waiting to be let out of the friend zone. Or maybe it’s a simple explanation of you’re always wrong and they’re still as always just friends.” Hollywood Lies doesn’t care about consistency or accuracy.