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Most of these scholars view the second "anointed one" as Onias, the legitimate high priest who was murdered in 171 B. When calculating dates with the Julian/Gregorian Calendar it is generally believed that there is no year zero.

Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site.The first two decrees pertain to the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem and the third relates to finances for animal sacrifices at the temple. It may very well be that the 458 decree had good intentions (rebuilding the temple and allowing the Jews to return to an area of their own sovereignty) and the 444 decree further clarified those intentions (rebuilding Jerusalem and the wall that would help to protect the city which would protect the temple itself). These three say nothing about the rebuilding of the city itself. In order to make this approach work as the starting point of the prophecy the numbers must be taken symbolically instead of literally. was indeed 49 years or 7 "weeks." But to make this interpretation work, they must rearrange the Hebrew word order and translate Daniel -26 as follows: Know therefore and understand: From the time that the word went out to restore and rebuild Jerusalem (God's word expressed in Jeremiah in 587 B. This may also allow both the 458 and the 444 dates to be accurate using both solar and prophetic year calendars. C.) both bring you to the days when Jesus walked the earth as Messiah and then was "cut off" or crucified. That may be why the Talmud teaches "All deadlines for the coming of Moshiach have come and gone- the thing depends solely on our returning to G-d" (Sanhedrin 97b). It didn't mean, however, that he had to agree with the words being said."Don't be an idiot."It didn't stop Kurt from looking taken aback, almost making Blaine apologize and take his words back.."His hazel eyes softened and he smiled,"And I wanted you to know that I love you too."Kurt's smile was so wide it threatened to split his face in two."Blaine-""Ah, Mr. Walk with me boys."They strolled into Quincey, hushing their voices as they reached the common room."Have I got a proposition for you two…"Some could say that coming into one of Professor Reinstein's AP History classes were boring, but over the course of the week, they were quite the opposite.

It was some type of extra credit, the teacher had explained, getting Kurt, Blaine, Wes, David, Thad, Jeff, and Flint out of various classes to "perform" their skit to the other classes.

It was all Kurt could do before doing something he'd regret, like, I don't know, taking the curly-headed boy to the nearest room and getting (as Santana would say) "wanky"."Listen, Kurt, about History class…"Kurt cut over him, "No, Blaine, don't."The latter stopped, looking at the other junior and Kurt took this as a good sign, continuing,"I realize I was way out of line, and I apologize.