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Calculation = xl Calculation Automatic 'pre XL97 xl Automatic Application. Calculation = xl Calculation Automatic 'pre XL97 xl Manua Application.

Screen Updating = True End Sub Color Index Property The colors names indicated on the color palette are for descriptive purposes only. Gridline Color = RGB(255,0,0) Members of Excel Constants details: Const xl Color Index None = -4142 (&HFFFFEFD2) Const xl Color Index Automatic = -4105 (&HFFFFEFF7) Const xl Automatic = -4105 (&HFFFFEFF7) Const xl Background Opaque = 3 Const xl Background Transparent = 2 Const xl Opaque = 3 Const xl Transparent = 2 Sub white ONblue() Application. Calculation = xl Calculation Manual 'pre XL97 xl Manua Dim cell As Range '---Range("A3: N100"). Screen Updating = False End Sub The purpose of Clear Constants From Color Cells is clear out constants from the cells that have an interior color, and to retain the color of the cells.

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Hex equivalents used in HTML You can use the Color Detector to see the RGB or Hex color values by using it to click here or on the color palette custom panel. on my Excel 2000 at this point Standard tab has 17 preselected white/ gray/ black choices at the bottom, choose any of them and you get a gray scale when you switch to the custom tab you should see the RGB values being equal and will change as you sli The following colors may be used in formatting statements: (see color table above) black, blue, green, cyan, red, magenta, yellow, white; and, Color1, color2, color3, ..., color56 The parts of the format (unless changed) are: positive numbers; negative numbers; zero; text Also see my Formula page (starting at #cellformat). You can select an entire column without taking 6 seconds to process every cell in that column because the cells processed must also have constants.

The following color pairs are the same color 11 & 25, 5 & 32, 14 & 31, 8 & 28, 9 & 30, 13 & 29, 18 & 54, 20 &34, 7 & 26, and 6 & 27. Interior.color), 6) 'Excel shows nibbles in reverse order so make it as RGB str = Right(str0, 2) & Mid(str0, 3, 2) & Left(str0, 2) 'generating 2 columns in the HTML table Cells(i 1, 3) = "#" & str & "#" & str & "" Cells(i 1, 4).

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