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“We’re certainly concerned that you could get a sizable snow.” Meteorologists also advised that March might deliver yet more snow after this one. “Heavy, wet snow will cling to trees and wires, leading once again to power outages and downed trees,” the National Weather Service said in its morning briefing Tuesday.The winds won’t be as extreme as the northerly gales that drove snow to accumulate sideways on Friday, plastering north-facing surfaces and likely contributing to a harvest of downed trees, nor will the winds last as long.“We’re not trying to panic people,” said Walter Drag, a lead forecaster at the National Weather Service Office in Mount Holly, but “it’s going to be big.As for those still waiting for the power to come back on, he said, “If they don’t have it by Wednesday morning –.” Once again, a nor’easter is forecast to blow up off the Atlantic Coast, with precipitation creeping into the region Tuesday evening and continuing as heavy snow on Wednesday.Computer models and their human users were ambushed last week as the coastal “bomb” — a rapidly intensifying cyclone — drew in cold air more rapidly and robustly than forecast. Driven by ferocious north winds, however, snow became super-glued onto the north sides of tree trunks and their branches.That contributed to the taking down of an astonishing amount of wood, said Paul Meyer, head of the Morris Arboretum.With more than 20,000 utility customers still without power throughout the region, forecasters are warning that a fresh round of outages appear likely Wednesday, when as much as a foot of wet, weighty snow and another bout of high winds are expected.The storm also is expected to severely disrupt both rush hours Wednesday.

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Through the 1990s, Baker had guest roles on several television series such as Murder, She Wrote; L. In 1951, Baker moved to New York City, where she rented a dirt-floor basement apartment in Queens.

The winter revival is the result of dramatic change in upper-air patterns over the Arctic in early February.

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