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"Dean is ok, you're ok and everything will be...""Ok?

" John interrupted giving him a half smile making him huff and roll his eyes.

Harry choked back a sob before hurrying forward and embracing the man, not even noticing when Death waved his hand, making the necklace glow for a moment before he disappeared again, his work finished with his master for the moment."No, no." The man pleaded, trying to move away. John stopped moving, his eyes finally focusing on the tear filled green eyes, he raised his hand and cradled the others face, resting his forehead against his."Please, let this be real." He choked, closing his eyes, then opening them.

"Stop, not him.""It's me," Harry hushed making the other man look at him. He surged forward and connected their lips when the other man didn't disappear, like all the times before.

They were silent for a few moments, enjoying being in each other's arms again when Harry giggled softly and John looked down in stunned awe."Did I just...? Harry giggled again before nodding and taking one of the broad hands and moving it to where the baby was currently playing kick the organs."God, I'm missed that." He sighed, leaning down and kissing his little husband when he looked up at him. Sam looked up from where he was helping his little brother -wasn't that a bit overwhelming to say- with his homework to where Dean was sitting at the back booth having an intense conversation with Jillian about music while helping the current youngest Winchester with her dinner, he was about to go back to continue what he was doing, when the door suddenly opened and they all as one looked up and all the adults reached for their guns, because no one was supposed to enter.

It wasn't untill Melissa squealed and barreled towards the hulking form of one John Winchester that they all as one moved and started to bombard the older man with hugs."Dad I.." Dean choked up not knowing what to say."It's ok, Dean." He assured him, pulling him for a tight hug before doing the same to Sam."Good to know your stubborn ass made it back." Ellen moved forward surprising him with her own hug."Yeah," He looked around at his family and smiled, tears in his eyes.

"I like have you as a master it means no one else can." He smirked.

"I only request that you wear this." He raised a hand and the resurrection stone lifted from the table and Harry could see a thin, silver chain being woven before the ring attached to it.

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This can be solved later but now the game does not reset."I summon you."He only had to wait for a few moment before he felt the slight disturbance in the air."Yes, master." Death drawled making Harry slowly turn towards his voice to see him casually leaning against the wall with one hand in his pocket and the other twirling a cane.

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