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26-Oct-2019 12:04

Yet, when it came to these second-class “worker-bees” who did most of the work to begin with, they seemed to walk around the room with little to no self-confidence of their own.

Every few minutes looking back to the higher-ups to seek validation and direction as if they were a pack of defeated dogs looking back to their Alpha leader. I felt like they had drank the kool-aid and didn’t even know it.

I may not know very much in life, but one thing I do know is that forcing someone to instantly get over fears of public speaking by exposing life traumas to a crowd, while being told their crazy from a self-proclaimed mindset leader isn’t a winner formula.

Fortunately for Barry Terry I wasn’t one of those lucky few who got publicly lambasted or else he might have left Canada with a few missing teeth.

Their common solution to this nagging discomfort was to stand in the back corner of the room from time to time stretching out your muscle pain from their agonizing chair layout.

Top 5 Fails of Landmark Forum 1# – For Fuck’s Sake, save your 0 and read The Power of Now and The Biology of Belief, and mix that new knowledge with taking responsibility for the wrongs you have made in the past by saying sorry and moving forward in life.

I will admit it has been a couple years since I have taken a psychology course at the University level, but I don’t ever recall reading about the benefits of public humiliation as a useful tool in behaviour change.

#5 – Course leaders dominated their co-workers with what seemed to be a subservient regime.

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I would be “taken care of” as she described it in her own words.Yes, I know this complex approach of reparation that is so unfamiliar to the masses, but trust me when I say IT WORKS (and often cost you nothing).