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Closed-circuit TV will also be used at all major Metro stations. Tickets on Metro will be mainly from automatic ticket machines and the PTE hope to increase the use of Travelcards system of bus-rail interchange tickets based on a zonal system is being examined at the moment, but due to lack of success with the system elsewhere it seems unlikely it will be adopted now. The viaduct is built out of concrete sections (strengthened by steel) which interlock together, the gaps being filled with glue! and others, showing the development of traction over 150 years. He leapt from the train, but a warder managed to grab his leg and Peace hung upside-down from the speeding train, until he crashed to the floor, leaving the warder holding a boot. The train was taken forward from Birmingham by 87 033, reaching Liverpool 4hours 51mins. Eastfield class 37 No.37 108 failed at Five Ways (Birmingham), whilst working the 1V92 Edinburgh Waverley-Plymouth North Rd, on 17th. Since the collapse of Penmanshiel Tunnel, the "Flying Scotsman has become a main line train, running between London Euston and Edinburgh Waverley ,in a time which rivals anything on the East Coast Branch! is one of the last few surviving members of a class which was the forerunner to today's high speed services on the West Coast Main Line, many tests being carried out at high speeds, with members of the class.This type of structure is claimed to be very strong as well as simple and cheap to build. It is January 1959 and we are leaving London on a trip to Burry Port, a sub-shed of 87F, Llanelly, in the hope of seeing Burry Port & Gwendraeth Valley 0-6-0 tank No.2198, the last survivor of a company noted for it's tall cabs. Seriously injured, Peace was taken to hospital in Sheffield and later hung at Armley Jail. Type 2 Co-Bo diesels, the "Condor" was the forerunner of the modern "Freightliner" services. S.-Coronation Class 4-6-2 No.46256 86 204 City of Carlisle. Precedent Class 2-4-0 No.790 86 226 Mail-"Scot"No.46143 (THE SOUTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGIMENT) 86 227 Lady of the Lake-"Scot"No.46149 (THE MIDDLESEX REGIMENT)ex. The train is formed of comfortable stock, which is normally allocated to Darnall for working the crack "Master Cutler" express."Peak" type 4 No.44 007"INGLEBOROUGH" was noted crossing the regional boundary at Horns Bridge, Chesterfield, with a down freight, on 19th. 44007 later took charge of the Eastbound Boat Train from Chesterfield on 19th April.Northumberland; 4092 named "CHRISTINE"; 9502 Weetslade Coal Prep Tyne & Wear; 9513 Ashington Coll.; 9535N. Metro's origins go back to 1971 when the Tyneside Passenger Transport Authority and Executive were faced with the problem of deciding on what type of public transport policy to peruse to meet the requirements of the 1980's.They made a recommendation based on the results of a Land Use and Transportation Study that took place in the late 1960's.The study examined a number of Metro is aimed at increasing the mobility of the population around Tyneside, which will be done by revising existing bus services so that they form connectional services for the Metro and do not compete against it.The new network will consist of 42 stations, built around the old British Rail Tynemouth loop and South Shields-Newcastle lines.

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A scheme submitted by the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive would make Sheffield part of a new electrified network ,linking London with Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Sheffield, Manchester (via Woodhead) and Liverpool.

The concrete sections were brought to the site by lowlander and then lifted into position using a simple crane and hoist system, the sections then fit together very much like children's building bricks and any gaps are filled with glue, although the designers assure us that the viaduct would stand up without the glue anyway. Turner) and because of the high standard of their entries, the quizmaster The first loco. The "Condor" express freight service from Glasgow to London (via the Midland route), was introduced on 16th. For our February meeting, we were treated to one of the best slide-shows to have been given at the "Grapes" and I would like to echo the thoughts of the entire audience in thanking Jeff Lane for such an enjoyable evening. Coronation Class 4-6-2 No.46238 86 205 City of Lancaster-Coronation Class 4-6-2 No.46243 86 206 City of Stoke on Trent-Coronation Class 4-6-2 No.46254 86 207 City of Lichfield.