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21-Jan-2020 09:33

Those (at least the HTML 5 and Flash ones) tend to make the OS itself irrelevant when it comes to user interaction.

It's all relatively new, so most people probably haven't seen applications using them yet.

On the flip side, I have an incentive now to STAY with A-B now that I've got so much invested in the software.

Perhaps they feel that locking people in once they get them is more beneficial to the bottom line than attractive people in the first place. I'm certainly okay paying for technical support and some nominal fee for the software (a hundred bucks, maybe? But paying thousands per copy per year is quite painful. We would be much more willing to look at other PLC vendors if their software were free (or priced reasonably.) I actually like Automation's pricing, and I'm okay paying for manuals (it's nominal).-James Ingraham Sage Automation, Inc. It costs considerably more to develop good software than it does automation hardware.

) Today you could retrofit a junky old PC based dinosour with a sercos card, a kinetix drive, and a few lines of ladder. I even reordered all new cabinets and relays and din rails andpower supplies and kept all the old stuff! If it was ever true I bet AB squashed it like a bug.We are talking coordinated motion easily from a PLC. Make a quality product at a reasonable price and I'll pay it and be happy.Nice stuff comes with some cost, let's face it, none of us work for free, and if they wanted me to, then I'd go broke at home and let their machines gather rust. I have only bought one copy of windows, and I regret that. The advantages all relate to it's monopolistic omnipresence.-James Inrgaham Yes software is expensive, and yes once you select your flavor you are basicly locked into the system due to capitol investment costs.

Changing a system to another is not a value added or money returning investment.

Yes it costs a lot for hardware, but have you checked the price of tooling? Wish I could have used a Linux PC to write the code. If you want me to buy it, it has to work and be reasonable. Here I am, studying Ladder logic, PLC's etc at college & checking out the Linux state of play re PLC programming... If there are any technical advantages, I would be at a loss to identify them.

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