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It was hard to figure out which new relationship surprised me most and where Jessica rated next to Mom and Angie and perhaps her mom Jilly, who I was likely going to have sex with that night at her swing club. " and gushed a fresh load of cum down her gullet, Jessica keeping her lips pressed to my pubes until I was done shooting. She climbed along my body, her breasts settling in against my side, her head on my shoulder as we looked over at Angie bringing Tommy to a similar finish. " he cried out as I saw his toes curl, his abdomen clench and some of his cum leak from her lips.Now, Jessica was taking my cock deep into her throat and I had to moan, "Fuck, Jess! " Her auburn-haired head bobbed up and down in my lap as she alternated sliding my shaft into her esophagus with a delightful suction as she rose up again. She sucked those droplets off his cock and kissed her way along Tommy's torso and snowballed his load into his mouth.Combine it with worry that we wouldn't survive a long term relationship and we have enough reason to keep quiet about the relationship until now.Keeping quiet about the DNA results can be explained as simple fear of hurting our parents." I turned to Angie. It sounds like they met Tommy because of matching to your Dad.The day before, Jessica had gone from a family friend I hadn't seen in six years to my newly-revealed half-sister, lover and future sister-in-law.It was more unexpected than what had transpired with Mom earlier in the week, since I'd never had any fantasies regarding Jessica.There is perhaps no grander feeling in the world than waking up after a night of sex with your cock hardening again in a woman's hot mouth, her tickling tongue whirling around your glans, her hand slowly squeezing more blood into your shaft.Then you open your eyes to find that it's your sister Jessica blowing you, while you spot your fiancee Angie going down on your brother Tommy on the other side of the king bed you all shared to sleep.

"Do the two of you have any questions about the club, before we get there? Mom and Dad described a typical night and ran through the rules about consent and prophylactic use by guests of the club, which we would be." Tommy asked, keeping me from following up on Jessica's suggestion that we all live together.~~~~~ Our post-Thanksgiving breakfast was light, just toast with peanut butter and jam.She immediately brought up the fact that they were step-siblings, in case you're wondering how realistic their concern about that is." I asked, "What about your sister Pat? The arrangement we have is that she lets me know about her business trips.

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Does she know you were involved with Tommy, because of using her apartment for sex? I can bring someone over while she's gone and she doesn't tell Mom or ask questions, so long as I leave the apartment the way I found it.

The only detail germane to the rest of my tale is that an open door to a private room is permission to watch but entering the room requires an invite by those inside it.