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This ground requires that the “spouses have lived apart without cohabitation for at least three years.” The third ground for divorce is confinement in a mental hospital, and requires that one spouse be confined in a state or private mental hospital for at least three years plus the requirement that “the mental disorder is of such a degree and nature that adjustment is unlikely or that, if adjustment occurs, relapse is probable” The next ground is cruelty, which occurs when one spouse treats the other spouse cruelly and living together is insupportable.

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A domiciliary of the state means a person that primarily lives in that state.

Second, a party must be a resident of the county in which the suit is filed for the preceding 90-day period.

However, a spouse that does not live in the state may file a case against a spouse that does live in the state, as long as that spouse meets both of the requirements stated above.

Furthermore, the court may not order a spouse to pay more than ,500, or 20%, of the spouse’s gross monthly income, whichever is less. When you file your petition or counter petition you can request a name change that will be final upon the entry of the final decree of divorce.

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You will then have to go through the necessary government agencies to get all of your government issues documents changed. Typically annulments are granted if there was a legal deficiency in the marriage.During this lull, we recommend that parties begin to build a “war chest” by saving money, borrowing from family, or gathering other resources so that once we are ready to go to final trial or to draft the final decree of divorce, the parties will be financially able to proceed.