Trusting god in dating relationships

31-Jan-2020 23:09

” Since when did a relationship status determine our value? She is currently pursuing a Doctoral degree in Educational leadership, while working as an academic coach for elementary teachers.Truth is.get wrapped up in the status quo because our society is all about “bae”, or having a man. She has a heart for empowering people to feel competent and confident.But God’s plan was far better than anything that I could have ever imagined in my life.So here are some things that I learned from God’s timing and my relationship.

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Our world portrays singleness as a condition of loneliness, doomed to the unfortunate.

We have this deep yearning to be with someone just because. So what happened, fear began to take root without me realizing it. He said that because His plans for us is separate from our neighbor’s. And if we are too desperate to wait, we will enter something that He never ordained.end up getting mad at God, and beg Him to fix it.

As a result, we chase this dream of happiness we believe it will bring us to the point we are even willing to compromise or settle. Well If God tells us there is a season that He does not want us in one.may question God.

We were living three hours apart and spent months calling each other and Skyping before actually meeting in person.

So he picks me up for our first date, and asks me to be his girlfriend by the end (so much for not dating, right?

If we are not careful, singleness can challenge our self-worth because of thoughts like…