Updating a datatable

18-Jul-2020 19:10

It should be noted that these statements are not performed as a batch process; each row is updated individually.

An application can call the Get Changes method in situations where you must control the sequence of statement types (for example, INSERTs before UPDATEs).

Original; What happens here, is the Data Adapter calls the Update command and saves the changes back to the database.

encounters a change to a Data Row, it uses the Insert Command, Update Command, or Delete Command to process the change. Rows(0) category Row("Category Name") = "New Beverages" adapter. Write Line("Rows after update.") Dim row As Data Row For Each row In category Table. Write Line(": ", row(0), row(1)) Next End Using End Sub either by returning the auto-increment value as an output parameter of a stored procedure and mapping that to a column in a table, by returning the auto-increment value in the first row of a result set returned by a stored procedure or SQL statement, or by using the are sent to the data source is important.

in the inner loop after a match is found - but reverting the order of the 2 loops) - but leaving the complexity order to O(n^2).

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Something like this :- SQLConnection connector = new SQLConnection(@"Your connection string"); SQLAdaptor Adaptor = new SQLAdaptor(); Updatecmd = new sql Db Command("UPDATE YOURTABLE SET FIELD1= @FIELD1, FIELD2= @FIELD2 WHERE ID = @ID", connector); Updatecmd. Is this a possibility in LINQ (I'm completely new to LINQ)?