Updating a rancher home

16-Mar-2020 20:51

Only time will tell but it’s obvious the masterminds at Honda have something up their sleeves and I for one am excited to see how all of this pans out…

While I’ve got your attention and we’re on the subject of changes for the future Gold Wing.

While doing my weekly patent digging and investigating I have stumbled across some new motorcycle patents filed.

Of course in patent documents, details on the model names etc aren’t listed and are images that show select features are vague at best to not spill the beans entirely on new models and or model changes since these are ‘public documents’.

An air intake opening, for taking in the flow of air, is formed on a front end of the duct with an air discharge opening directed inwardly in the vehicle width direction being formed on a rear end of the duct.

The rear end of the duct opens to an inside of an inner surface of the front fork. 3 and 4 of JP-A-2006-15930, an upper fender () which avoids mud from splashing up from a front wheel () is mounted on a front fork () with a visor () on which a headlight is mounted from above being mounted on the upper fender () (numerals with parenthesis indicating symbols described in JP-A-2006-15930, the same indication adopted hereinafter).

It is an object of an embodiment of the present invention to provide the front structure of a motorcycle wherein a larger amount of a flow of air can be directed to the inside of a vehicle without increasing the size of the vehicle.

According to an embodiment of the present invention, a sub fender extending toward an area behind the front fender is further mounted on the front fork contiguously with the front fender, and a lower surface of a rear edge portion of the front fender is joined to an upper surface of a front edge portion of the sub fender.

A fender mounting portion on which a rear surface of a front edge portion of the sub fender is mounted is provided to the front fork.

According to an embodiment of the present invention, the duct has a rear guide portion extending rearwardly in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle such that the rear guide portion extends to the outside of the front fork in the vehicle width direction.

According to an embodiment of the present invention, a recessed portion directed to a member to be cooled of the vehicle is formed on a rear portion of an outer surface of an upper portion of the front fender.

By forming the duct such that the duct projects sideward in the lateral direction of the vehicle, compared to the case where the duct is formed on an upper surface of the fender, it is possible to form the duct with a wide flow passage area without increasing the size of the vehicle.

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