Updating samsung galaxy s 2 linux

16-Oct-2019 17:42

updating samsung galaxy s 2 linux-46

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Fix Game Frame Drop after Multitasking on Galaxy S5. * Release-5.1-OC * Set Minimum GPU Clock to 100m Hz. * Set Input Boost Freq (Only Release-5-OC has been applied to 2.7Ghz) 20 Official Release-5.1 / Release-5.1-OC * Release for klteeur, kltekor.BFQ FIOPS FIFO ZEN VR SIO NOOP DEADLINE ROW CFQ /* Default Setting */ CPU Clock : 2.2Ghz / 2.8Ghz GPU Clock : 450m Hz / 578m Hz CPU Governor : arteractive GPU Governor : msm-adreno-tz Adreno Idler I/O Scheduler : row TCP Congestion Control : Westwood Hot Plug : Lazy Plug * https://github.com/gugu0das/android_kernel_samsung_msm8974/blob/Marshmallow_hlte/ramdisk/ramdisk_tw_800/init.gugu0-gugu0das Kernel Stock Version /* Detail Kernel Info */ https://github.com/gugu0das/android_kernel_samsung_msm8974/tree/Marshmallow_TW_stock_ks01lte I9506XXUDOJ2 Based No Tweak Stock Kernel. 20 - gugu0das Kernel Beta Program Optimized Kernel Source. Here's a tour around the service's tooling and capabilities, to help you understand it and get productive with it, quickly.With Microsoft Build and Google I/O happening at the same time and Facebook F8 just concluded, here's a look at why it's important to court developers, enhance platforms and keep the base happy. This barebones Insider preview of the next full version of Windows Server gives glimpses of the hybrid, hyperconverged future.

* Default Enable Lazy Plug With Custom Setting Value.

20 Official Release-3.1 * Release for klteeur, kltekor, hlteeur, hltekor, jactivelteskt ,ks01lteeur ,ks01ltekor Marshmallow Version.

* https://github.com/gugu0das/android_kernel_samsung_msm8974/blob/fed0d3b68fb8d1f4e7ae812f23bb954d3359dae2/gugu0das/Touchwiz/ramdisk/init.gugu0* https://github.com/gugu0das/android_kernel_samsung_msm8974/blob/fed0d3b68fb8d1f4e7ae812f23bb954d3359dae2/gugu0das/Touchwiz/ramdisk/init.gugu0* Some Kernel Setting Value From @lss1977 Optimized Kernel Source. * https://github.com/gugu0das/android_kernel_samsung_msm8974/commits/fed0d3b68fb8d1f4e7ae812f23bb954d3359dae2 * Approximately 700 commits since Release-2.

Backport Random driver from Linux 3.16 Increase Maximum charge current to 1800m Ah. Merge G900FXXS1CQB5 Compiled with Linaro 6.3.1 Enable SEC Net Filter Driver.

updating samsung galaxy s 2 linux-33

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* gugu0das Kernel Release-3 For Cyanogenmod 13.0 (Lineage OS 13.0) should only be used with Lineage OS 13.0 20 Version Over.

* It has been optimized in many aspects such as Memory, Network, File System, Security, Sound. * https://github.com/gugu0das/android_kernel_samsung_msm8974/commits/b708ef9e0038a7295e0cdc7ad86188999b0055ff * Approximately 200 commits since Release-3.1 Sync with Galaxy S6 LMK form arter97.

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